Amy, Blogger.

Sometimes it helps to just write things down or hear something aloud, and in the midst of quickly approaching applications for agencies in Australia I have misplaced my sense of direction a little. This morning I was talking to one of my friends here in Cardiff and well, it's nice to be reminded that even... Continue Reading →

Portfolio Progress.

Just a quick post... This time feels very transitional. I am cutting down on possessions and building up resources for my upcoming trip and over the last couple of weeks I have spent an unreasonable amount of time on my refreshed portfolio. So, I thought I should post my progress as a sort of checkpoint,... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Cardiff.

This afternoon, I walked to one of the nicest little coffee shops in this city; A difficult feat considering my 'foot situation' but I just had to get out of the house. Here I can breathe easily, the sun is shining just warm enough for the day to feel still and peaceful, and while my... Continue Reading →

Roath Park Adventures

This morning I woke up pumped, even without the *free* large gingerbread soya latte I am indulging in now, sitting in Coffee #1 on the edge of something amazing. No, not the writing of this immaculate, inspiring blog post *cough*; on the edge of adventure, and I am getting more ready every day. On the... Continue Reading →

What we’re not taught in school.

Ever inspired by my favourite blogger, encouraged by the words of someone still close to me, against all odds, and irritated by the familiar complacency shown in today, I am compelled to write again. A couple of weeks ago I fractured a bone in my foot; a stress fracture, caused by the apparently excessive amount... Continue Reading →

Eden Project | Cornwall

This week my wonderful boyfriend *insert blushy face here* (throw up from the cuteness at your own will) treated me to a trip to the Eden Project in Cornwall. We took the slightly cheaper but very long 9 hour journey (each way) on stuffy coaches and walks so long my legs felt like they were... Continue Reading →


One final trip to London courtesy of Cardiff Metropolitan, just another reminder of everything I have to go without as of last month. I really need to stop taking so many photos of Harry...

What is the Goal?

To be happy. I have finished university and no longer have much to say on my personal blog, life is fairly steady right now; fuel for kick-starting this one again I think. The goal is to be a travel/lifestyle blogger/photographer in Australia. *cough* hipster! Call me what you will, it's what I want to do.... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Carmarthenshire.

I'm in the West again and I am determined to make the most of it. It is very easy to come to a grinding to a halt when visiting this area, sit down and get stuck in negative cycles, of bad habits and opinions. It is also easy to assume the negative attributes of West... Continue Reading →

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