Culture Shock: I just want a damn baozi!

It's a bit of a shock being surrounded by Western people again, and I am a white British, purely Western girl. I'm a foreigner again, surrounded by people who look just like me. I just want to dive into the nearest 'Spicy China Restaurant' in hopes of some Mandarin/Sichuanese practise and familiar, friendly company, and... Continue Reading →


The Nature of Chengdu.

The great Chinese city of Chengdu is just that; a city. Images that come to mind when imagining big Chinese cities range from perfectly symmetrical grey buildings, air thick with pollution to bustling bodies commuting to and from competitively tall office towers, and a distinct lack of nature; evidence of the Eastern cultural push for... Continue Reading →

Design Week Chengdu (Take 2)

See my article on the InternChina blog here! This weekend, I took a trip to the Chengdu Creativity and Design Week event here in Chengdu, with my housemate/new friend Claire: receiver of silly rants about the complicated social politics of travel and teller of funny Chinese internship-relates stories. We spent an hour or so traveling... Continue Reading →

Travel: What the **** am I doing?

Identity crisis? Oh, constantly. It turns out a mix of horribly strong Chinese tea, old school rap accidentally recommended by my boyfriend, stimulating snappy conversation and late night breakfast cereal makes the perfect cocktail to frantically need to write something down and simultaneously have yet another routine identity crisis. Maybe I use this term too... Continue Reading →

Ivory Trade in China #2

This is the second half of a 2-part series. Click here to read from the beginning! In March 2015, Prince William made a speech at an elephant sanctuary in China, urging Chinese president Xi Jinping to end ivory trade. There have also been many open letters from celebrities about the need for China to ban... Continue Reading →

Ivory Trade in China.

Working at Swild I get some time each day to get on with some self-initiated work and do some research for the social media pages, to raise awareness of the state of certain species from Southwest China and create engaging content for our followers. Over the last three weeks I have learned about takins and... Continue Reading →

Lost at Baigongyan Reservoir

If there's one thing I'd recommend doing when taking a trip to a Chinese city, it is to take at least a day to explore the outskirts. The beginnings of the countryside are where you'll find the communities unaffected (or less affected) by Western culture, where you can experience the more rural and arguably authentic... Continue Reading →

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