My Week in Photos: Tuesday

I am going to start this post by saying that the update for WordPress is freakin’ awesome, if not a little overdue (and the fact that when I first noticed it I spent 10 minutes refreshing my browser because I thought it was a glitch is completely irrelevant).


I can finally upload and arrange photos in a way that looks good instead of just throwing them onto the page, and change the format of the text. Neither of which I have really practiced in this post, but patience my pretties, the time will come.


IΒ also want to say (without drawing attention to the fact that I mention him way too much on this blog, and I kind of wish he’d have one too so I wasn’t just allowed to see what he filters through to me) that he was right. Writing does help, and it looks like I’m going to keep making excuses to keep doing it until the shame from the last 12 hours of my life subsides.


Starting with doing a “My Week in Photos” project. Because documentation of truth is one of the most important things, and arguably one of the closest mediums of presenting and communicating truth is through photography. Starting this on a Tuesday probably isn’t the most conventional way of doing it but why does Monday always get to have all the glory?

I got the idea from one of my favourite and most inspiring blogs Ordinary Adventures, you should go and check her out, she’s pretty darn awesome.


So far, my day has been comprised of messy, post drinking, clutter, losing my headphones, working in the rain, drinking far too much coffee and writing blog posts instead of more important essays for uni. Not very exciting, lets hope it gets better towards the end of the day.




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