My Week in Photos: Friday

My mood is doing weird things today. I began by enduring a difficult morning at work, followed by coming home in an irritable mood to attempt to write a bit of this 2,000 word essay that has to be in next Friday, only to analyse my writing style pretty negatively and mindlessly procrastinate for hours instead.


So the natural response…get wasted on Christmas drinks. Obviously.


… and stuff my face with what was supposed to be my brother’s 18th birthday party nibbles. Yes, I feel bad.


It is safe to say today has been pretty weird.


Oohh, a shadowy mildly inappropriate photo. But despite the odd occasion when I have eaten a rather large dinner, I am pretty comfortable in my own skin right now.I caught myself in the mirror earlier and decided to take a photo, judge me (?)



I also bought myself a cute little Christmas tree decoration on my way back from a study session in Coffee #1 in a vain attempt at tricking myself into working. I still only have one sentence and a vague idea of what I am going to write about. But now I can fail in front of sparkly things.



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