To all the people I’ve met in Cardiff.

Meeting people is one of my top reasons to travel. I will do another post on why I am going away, right now, when on the surface it seems so illogical; I have a decent footing in my job, I've built up connections in the creative community and a knowledge of the studios here, the... Continue Reading →


Hub Fest | Barracwda

Barracwwwwda! I have had some coffee and am quite amused by their name. The barracuda is a tropical fish known for it's impressive size, fearsome appearance and ferocious nature; or what I like to call the party piranha. And let me tell you, Barracwda, the Cardiff based Samba Band definitely lived up to its name... Continue Reading →

St Fagans Trip

Last week I decided it would be a good idea to get off my little single bed in my cramped shared house room and go outside. I think that any time you're in a negative situation or even one that isn't necessarily making you happy, the best thing to do it just go outside and... Continue Reading →


I just had some wine and watched this video from start to finish because one of my favourite bloggers wrote about it (I also read a few long essay posts on his blog because apparently tipsy Amy gets frustrated at how much information there is in the world I am yet to discover). You Should... Continue Reading →

Just Another Apocalypse Series.

After seeing repetition after repetition of the same regurgitated apocalypse themed series and film I have had enough. It (arguably) started with the Walking Dead; from what I can tell, the first show to become famous enough that pretty much everyone I know has seen it and can speak passionately about the characters and the... Continue Reading →

HUB Fest | Megaverse

The two sessions of Megaverse, a poetry/spoken word event during HUB Fest, were, for me at least, very emotional, very inspiring, and some of the poems really hit home. The term 'yoga moments' was thrown around and I certainly had a few moments where I was holding back the tears. It was amazing to witness... Continue Reading →

HUB Fest | Platform 1

One of my favourite bands from last weekend was Platform 1, a folk band from Carmarthenshire. They're music was brilliant, their vibe was so sweet and positive and their Dad/Manager/Biggest fan was lovely to talk to and glowing with pride for his two children, and the third band member. He even said he 'wouldn't mind... Continue Reading →

HUB Fest | Soundwire & The Vega Bodegas

This weekend has been crazy. Between the emotional roller-coaster of Pride, the parade, the unity, heartfelt poetry on women and Gods, dancing to band after band in rock bars, laughing along to comedy shows and chilling in a 'hip-hop yard', watching jazz bands and dancers, there is simply too much to post at once. So... Continue Reading →

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