BBC VE | D&AD New Blood 2017

I submitted my D&AD New Blood Award concept, here's what it looks like. Even if this is not shortlisted, I am happy to have submitted something and not hide behind "it's probably not good enough" or "it won't win anyway". I spent this whole week retouching and re-evaluating the design decisions and generally throwing my... Continue Reading →

BeeBee’s Photos

Photos taken for a burger restaurant in Monmouth. Their aim was to promote their fast-food style burgers with the quality of a fine dining restaurant, at street food prices.

CV | James Dunstall

Today was spent working on a little project for film maker and editor, James Dunstall, to get his CV up to date and looking good. I also gave him a helping hand setting up his LinkedIn profile, and some tips on how to use his online presence to sell himself a little better, and hopefully... Continue Reading →

China | An Overview

A concluding statement, a full stop to my trip here in Beijing. Three weeks away from home, 21 days but it went by in a heartbeat. This is not fact nor is it coming from any place of actual knowledge or history, this is purely my reaction and my interpretation of my experience in this... Continue Reading →

Forbidden City

Today I got stopped and questioned by a Chinese police officer, what did you do? I was also asked for selfies with three different people, the last being an adorable little girl, a child who actually seemed to like me, a miracle. Selfies with strangers are a regular event here it seems, honestly I am... Continue Reading →

Tiananmen Square & Beihai Park

Yesterday we went to Tiananmen Square, and even without the horrific historical context this trip was enough to put anyone on edge; the place was crawling with security, guards patrolling, bag and body scans at each entrance and an air to the place that made us both uneasy to just be there; like us, and... Continue Reading →

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