HUB Fest Begins! – Friday Night

Last night was the beginning of Hubfest, the opening party, kicking off the weekend with a bunch of local bands in The Moon Club. Sam Fowke: Duski: Scott Howells: Georgia Paterson: Shop Girls (minus a few band members, and uhh, girls) And the infamous Green Shit, which actually turned out to be pretty tasty:


Drivers Vs Cyclists

Apologies for the slightly negative posts recently. There are just a few niggling feelings I need to brush off before I head outa here. First I should say that, admittedly, some cyclists let the side down, sure. There are bad eggs in every basket/group of people. But pedestrians and car owners tend to generalise us... Continue Reading →

Views on Infidelity

Since the age of 16 I have had a fairly liberal view on the idea of open relationships and what we call infidelity; which has often been met with judgement and misunderstanding. This also ties into ideas on polyamory, but I will save that side of things for another post. Apparently my words don't do... Continue Reading →

Travelling and Synchronicity.

In this new phase I am constantly being made aware of the magic in life. It seems every time I find myself in a rut, have an emotional evening or start to feel lonely, something happens to remind me that things are happening the way that they should be and I am, we all are,... Continue Reading →

Side Effects of Birth Control.

Last year I wrote a post about birth control, I was in a place where I was unsure of what I wanted and how to handle the situation I was in, and had to make a lot of pretty serious decisions very quickly. Obviously this made any informative writing difficult and I decided it would... Continue Reading →

Amy, Blogger.

Sometimes it helps to just write things down or hear something aloud, and in the midst of quickly approaching applications for agencies in Australia I have misplaced my sense of direction a little. This morning I was talking to one of my friends here in Cardiff and well, it's nice to be reminded that even... Continue Reading →

Portfolio Progress.

Just a quick post... This time feels very transitional. I am cutting down on possessions and building up resources for my upcoming trip and over the last couple of weeks I have spent an unreasonable amount of time on my refreshed portfolio. So, I thought I should post my progress as a sort of checkpoint,... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Cardiff.

This afternoon, I walked to one of the nicest little coffee shops in this city; A difficult feat considering my 'foot situation' but I just had to get out of the house. Here I can breathe easily, the sun is shining just warm enough for the day to feel still and peaceful, and while my... Continue Reading →

Roath Park Adventures

This morning I woke up pumped, even without the *free* large gingerbread soya latte I am indulging in now, sitting in Coffee #1 on the edge of something amazing. No, not the writing of this immaculate, inspiring blog post *cough*; on the edge of adventure, and I am getting more ready every day. On the... Continue Reading →

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