Fire Fox / Xiǎo Xióng Māo

Note to self: Start day with pandas. Nothing bad can happen if your first few hours involve cute fluffy red pandas, giant pandas, baby pandas. I think I should just let the photos speak for themselves.    



I've been working at Swild for four days now, Tuesday til Friday, and already I am sitting at MY DESK (woop woop) yawning and feeling drowsy but it is so so worth it. This is the first time I’ve had a job where I don’t have to stand at the till of a shop raising... Continue Reading →

Arriving in Chengdu.

Everything is going wrong but somehow, three days since leaving the warm lull of Cardiff life, I have found myself in the departure area of Guangzhou airport surrounded by that same faint 'Chinese scent' and Asian characters decorating my peripheral vision. It feels odd to be back here and I will need to reconfigure my... Continue Reading →

Travelling Through Amsterdam

My journey to Chengdu didn't go as smoothly as planned. My first flight, to Amsterdam, was delayed and after a whole day waiting in Heathrow I was told over the aeroplane speakers that I would miss my connection to China. This would mean navigating Amsterdam at night alone, something seemingly small now but in the... Continue Reading →

Why I’m leaving. Why Travel?

Today I sat in my not-so-recently visited regular coffee shop, being watched by an old-ish grey haired woman from across the conservatory; I remember because she was irritating me through my peripheral vision by impulsively shaking her leg, seemingly unable to keep control over her nervous movement, but endearing in its own way and apparently... Continue Reading →

Rome | The End

Visiting my Aunt, in Rome, has become an increasingly popular and looked forward to part of my year. I even learned quite a bit of Italian before going last year but still managed to avoid actually speaking to anyone in the language beyond "Parli Inglese?" or "Do you speak English?" This time was no exception,... Continue Reading →

Scotland | The Middle

Good morning WordPress! *Include a big cheesy grin here* I have had a coffee, a croissant and a cuppa soup and I am ready to take on the day! ... And possibly the next few months too. It is full steam ahead and I cannot wait to continue my adventures across the continents! First thing... Continue Reading →

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